May 18, 2023


Select Start Films proudly celebrates the graduation of Meerim Kamchybekova from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education on May 23, 2024. Meerim, the beloved co-host of Season One of the enlightening travel docuseries “No Expectations,” continues to embody the series’ ethos through her profound contributions to global education.

“We are immensely proud of Meerim’s achievements at Harvard and her foundational role in the success of ‘No Expectations,'” said Alexander Beasley, co-founder of Select Start Films. “Her graduation marks not just a personal milestone but also underscores the values we cherish in our series—education, understanding, and the celebration of diverse cultures.”

Beyond her academic pursuits, Meerim has initiated significant educational projects. Her latest initiative employs artificial intelligence to transform educational access in underserved areas, demonstrating her commitment to education that is inclusive and innovative.

While Meerim was the co-host for Season One of ‘No Expectations,’ her influence continues to resonate throughout the series. Her ongoing projects and educational outreach continue to reflect the ideals of understanding and connectivity that ‘No Expectations’ champions.

As Meerim transitions from her role as a student to a global educational influencer, Select Start Films continues to draw inspiration from her journey. We are excited to see how her future endeavors will further shape educational practices and narratives around the world.

About Select Start Films

Founded in 2021 and co-led by Alexander Beasley and Nate House, Select Start Films is a St. Louis-based production company renowned for creating compelling narratives that resonate globally. Our flagship series, “No Expectations,” exemplifies our commitment to exploring and celebrating cultural diversity and resilience through high-quality visual storytelling. This series, along with our dedication to innovation and creativity, underscores our mission to enlighten and inspire a diverse audience. We strive to tell stories that not only entertain but also educate, enriching viewers’ understanding of the world’s vibrant cultures.

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