St. Louis, MO – [March 12, 2024] – Select Start Films is thrilled to announce that the sizzle reel for their pilot episode of ‘Creativity Redefined: The Flavor Temptress’ featuring Tamara Keefe was showcased at SXSW 2024. This marks a significant milestone for Select Start Films, highlighting the sizzle reel’s impactful debut at one of the most prestigious events in the creative and tech industries.

The ‘Creativity Redefined’ pilot episode, produced by Select Start Films, features Tamara Keefe, Founder & CEO of Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Ice Cream, and delves into her journey of transforming the ice cream industry with bold and innovative flavors. The sizzle reel, which opened the session, showcased her story and the essence of the series, highlighting the creativity and passion behind her success. “Seeing our work presented at such a renowned event is a huge honor,” said Alexander Beasley, co-founder of Select Start Films. “It validates the hard work and passion we pour into our projects and encourages us to continue sharing these compelling stories.” The inclusion of the sizzle reel at SXSW underscores the impact and relevance of ‘Creativity Redefined’ in celebrating creativity and innovation.

‘Creativity Redefined’ is an inspiring series by Select Start Films that profiles trailblazers across various industries who are pushing boundaries and redefining their fields. Each episode offers an in-depth look at the creative processes and unique journeys of individuals who are making a significant impact. The pilot episode, ‘The Flavor Temptress,’ featuring Tamara Keefe, showcases the resilience of the human spirit in overcoming challenges and adversity, highlighting how creativity across a diverse range of fields finds success in serving the community.

“This showcase at SXSW is more than just a highlight for our team; it represents the kind of storytelling we believe in—stories that inspire and resonate on a deeper level,” added Dr. Nathaniel House, co-founder of Select Start Films. “We’re excited for the opportunity to bring more innovative and heartfelt stories to audiences everywhere.”

Founded in 2021 by Alexander Beasley and Dr. Nathaniel House, Select Start Films is dedicated to creating impactful narratives that inspire, educate, and foster social dialogue. The team’s extensive experience in filmmaking, combined with a deep understanding of human stories, positions them to deliver content that resonates globally.

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Press Contact: Nate House

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