Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – September 30, 2022 – Select Start Films is excited to announce that the first season of ‘No Expectations’ prominently features Salt Peanuts, the acclaimed jazz group from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. This season captures the essence of their music, their role as cultural ambassadors, and their innovative approach to jazz, blending traditional Kyrgyz elements with modern styles, while celebrating themes of cultural resilience and identity.

Cultural Ambassadors Bridging Kyrgyzstan and the U.S.:

Salt Peanuts is more than just a jazz band; they are cultural ambassadors who have built strong connections between Kyrgyzstan and the United States through their performances. Known for their emotional and interactive live shows, they have graced stages at prestigious venues like the Kennedy Center and the Woodrow Wilson Center, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Kyrgyzstan to international audiences. “When we perform jazz compositions, people take these feelings and pass them on to us. And it turns out that we live by giving them energy, and they give it back to us. And I think that in Kyrgyzstan, this jazz will sound for a long time,” said Bakyt, a member of Salt Peanuts.

A Journey of Innovation and Recognition:

Salt Peanuts has been recognized for their innovative fusion of jazz with traditional Kyrgyz folk music, creating a bridge between different musical traditions that resonates globally. Their music incorporates elements of hip-hop, R&B, fusion, and free jazz, constantly renewing and evolving to reflect changes in the world. “Every day the world changes, and every time we change, even unconsciously. And it turns out that as jazz changes, we immediately absorb it, what happens in the world, changes in music, new emotions,” added Bakyt.

Future Aspirations and Global Reach:

Salt Peanuts aspires to bring their distinctive sound to renowned jazz venues in the United States, such as the Blue Note and Carnegie Hall. Their journey towards global recognition is a key highlight of ‘No Expectations,’ showing their dedication to sharing their unique musical heritage with the world. The series captures their dreams and the recognition they have already achieved from international experts and audiences.

Cultural Fusion and Unique Sound:

Described as “Kyrgyz jazz,” the music of Salt Peanuts merges the improvisational nature of jazz with the rich, traditional sounds of Kyrgyz folk music. This fusion has intrigued and impressed experts and educators in the United States, highlighting the band’s role in preserving and innovating within their cultural traditions. “This jazz will live on…around the world, because it is a language, specifically the closest comprehensible language of communication,” said Bakyt.

By filming with Salt Peanuts, Select Start Films ensures that ‘No Expectations’ brings forward the best of Kyrgyzstan’s cultural icons and heritage, providing viewers with an authentic and profound understanding of the nation’s artistic legacy, and celebrating the themes of cultural resilience and identity.

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Press Contact: Nate House

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