St. Louis, MO – September 26, 2022 – Select Start Films is thrilled to announce that the first season of ‘No Expectations’ prominently features Ernest Abdyjaparov, the most celebrated director in Kyrgyzstan. “Ernest Abdyjaparov is a cultural icon whose films have profoundly shaped Kyrgyz culture. His impact on the film industry here is immense, and we are honored to feature him in our series,” said Alexander Beasley, co-founder of Select Start Films.

Highlighting Kyrgyzstan’s Cultural Icons:

Ernest Abdyjaparov’s illustrious career began at Kyrgyzfilm Studios, where he quickly gained recognition for his innovative storytelling. His notable works include “Boz Salkyn” (Pure Coolness), which won the NETPAC award at the 2007 Asiatica Film Mediale for its originality and humor. This film, which explores the traditional custom of bride kidnapping, became a cultural phenomenon in Kyrgyzstan, with many newborn girls being named after the film’s main character​.

His recent film, “Sagynbai Manaschi,” tells the story of Sagynbai Orozbakov, a revered manaschi (epic storyteller). The film premiered in Bishkek and received a special mention at the First International Bishkek Film Festival, highlighting its cultural significance and its role in preserving Kyrgyzstan’s rich oral traditions​.

‘No Expectations’:

In ‘No Expectations’ Season One, Ernest Abdyjaparov provides an in-depth look at his career, his influential films, and the state of the Kyrgyz film industry. This series aims to capture the essence of Kyrgyz culture and heritage by featuring one of its most iconic figures. “Having Ernest in our series is a testament to the depth and richness of Kyrgyz culture that we are excited to showcase to the world,” added Beasley.

By filming with Ernest Abdyjaparov, Select Start Films ensures that ‘No Expectations’ brings forward the best of Kyrgyzstan’s cultural icons and heritage, providing viewers with an authentic and profound understanding of the nation’s artistic legacy.

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Press Contact: Nate House

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