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Series Overview

Title: Creativity is King

Tagline: In the face of adversity, creativity reigns.

Logline: Showcasing the resilience of the human spirit in overcoming challenges and adversity, highlighting how creativity across a diverse range of fields finds success in serving the community.

Overview: “Creativity is King” is a thought-provoking docuseries spotlighting compelling stories of resilient individuals from an array of creative fields who have harnessed their creative spirit to overcome personal and professional adversities. Each episode delves into the transformative journeys of these extraordinary personalities, from their humble beginnings through their struggles and triumphs, culminating in their current impact on their communities and fields.

Mission Statement: Redefining the Perception of Creativity: Our mission is to challenge and expand societal notions of who a ‘creative’ is or can be, showcasing a diverse range of individuals who have harnessed their unique talents to overcome adversity and make a meaningful impact.

Format: Each 40-minute episode focuses on a different individual, uniquely blending their personal narrative with a broader exploration of creativity. 8 episodes in total.

Target Audience: Designed to appeal to a broad demographic, from young adults to seniors, skewing towards the 25-54 age group interested in personal growth, creativity, and inspiring real-life stories.

Visual Style: The series weaves a visual narrative that merges the tangible and hyperbolic. Softly lit, intimate interviews are occasionally amplified by dramatic lighting, while detailed macro shots on stark black backdrops expose unseen intricacies. The storytelling is propelled by the inclusion of larger-than-life, fantastical sequences, immersing viewers in the vibrant world of creativity.

Comparables: Netflix’s “Chef’s Table” and “Abstract: The Art of Design”, boasting high production values, in-depth personal narratives, and compelling visual storytelling.

Why Now?: At a time when resilience, creativity, and community are more vital than ever, “Spiritus Creativus” offers a timely and inspiring exploration of the transformative power of creativity.

The Appeal: “Creativity is King” promises to uplift, inspire, and engage viewers, igniting their own creative spirits and celebrating the human potential for creative resilience.

Unique Selling Points:

  • First docuseries to spotlight a diverse range of creatives across multiple fields.
  • Potential for expanded viewership through each featured individual’s existing fanbase and connected franchises (e.g., Issa Briones and the Star Trek community).



Tamara Keefe

The Flavor Temptress

Tamara Keefe, the dynamic force behind Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery, exemplifies resilience and creativity. Making the entrepreneurial leap from corporate success, she risked all her savings to fund Clementine’s, delivering orders herself and tirelessly promoting the brand. Her efforts have culminated in Clementine’s national recognition, multiple locations, and the accolade of “sexiest ice cream alive” on Oprah’s O list.

Steve Christensen

North American Ice Cream Association

Steve Christensen, the Ice Cream Bloke and Self-Appointed Headmaster of Scoop School, provides insights into Tamara Keefe’s remarkable journey with Clementine’s. Highlighting her commitment to craft, team, and flavor innovation, he adds depth to the story of Clementine’s success.

Eddie Cajina

Senior Vice President at Meadowvale

Eddie Cajina, a veteran leader at Meadowvale, provides insightful commentary on the meteoric rise of Tamara’s success at Clementine’s Creamery. His emphasis on her innovative approach to flavor and quality underscores the balance between tradition and innovation as a crucial success factor.

Bernie Lee

Chef, Owner of Akar

Bernie Lee, owner of Akar, admires Tamara Keefe’s commitment to quality and local sourcing. Their shared business philosophies and support for superior dining experiences enrich the St. Louis food scene.

Frank Uible


Frank Uible, a seasoned entrepreneur, provides an insightful take on the dynamic success of Clementine’s Creamery. His admiration for the creativity and innovation driving the Creamery is a testament to its national recognition and success.

Tom Huck

World Renowned Printmaker

Tom Huck, a renowned American printmaker, illuminates Tamara Keefe’s transformation of Clementine’s into a nationally recognized brand. He applauds her risk-taking spirit and unwavering determination.

Executive Producer, Creative Director
Nate House
Producer / Director / Director of Photography / Editor
Alexander Beasley
Film Composer
Shabnam Majidi
Story Consultant, Development & Research, Production Support
Tarek Baig
Production Assistant
Brewer Kight
Director in Training
Nolan Beasley

Season One – Episodes

Episode 1: “The Flavor Temptress”

Culinary Arts (Ice Cream)

Tamara Keefe left an unfulfilling corporate job to create Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery. Facing gender discrimination in financing, she self-funded her venture and built it into a nationally recognized brand, all while actively giving back to her community.

Episode 2: “Breaking the Rock Ceiling”

Sports (Rock Climbing)

Ashima Shiraishi broke gender norms and records in the male-dominated world of rock climbing. Starting at a young age, she has become one of the world’s best climbers, inspiring a new generation to challenge the status quo in sports and beyond.

Episode 3: “Jazz and the Art of Resilience”


Esperanza Spalding overcame numerous obstacles to make her mark in the competitive world of jazz. With a unique blend of genres, she has won multiple Grammys and serves as a role model for aspiring musicians, proving that resilience and innovation can lead to success.

Episode 4: “Art Beyond Limits”

Visual Arts

Phil Hansen turned a physical limitation—a tremor in his drawing hand—into a unique form of artistic expression. His innovative works have received global recognition, inspiring others to see limitations as opportunities for creativity.

Episode 5: “From Startdust to Spotlight”

Film (Acting)

Issa Briones navigated the competitive world of acting while advocating for better representation. Her significant roles, including one in the Star Trek franchise, have made her a rising star and a source of inspiration for aspiring actors.

Episode 6: “The Tech Alchemist”

Tech Innovation

Iddris Sandu, a technological prodigy, has collaborated with major tech companies and artists like Kanye West. His story adds a layer of diversity to the series, showcasing how technology and entrepreneurship can serve as platforms for creative expression.

Episode 7: “The Illustrator of Imagination”

Literature (Children’s Books)

Dav Pilkey turned his childhood challenges of dyslexia and ADHD into a successful career as an author and illustrator. His Captain Underpants series has become a staple in children’s literature, showing how creativity can be a form of therapy and empowerment.

Episode 8: “Grace in Motion”

Performing Arts (Ballet)

Misty Copeland broke racial and body image barriers to become the first African American female principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre. Her journey has expanded the audience for ballet and serves as a powerful conclusion to the series, emphasizing the transformative power of creativity.

Season One – Data


Female: 5 (Tamara Keefe, Ashima Shiraishi, Issa Briones, Misty Copeland, Esperanza Spalding)
Male: 3 (Phil Hansen, Iddris Sandu, Dav Pilkey)


Caucasian: 3 (Tamara Keefe, Phil Hansen, Dav Pilkey)
African American: 3 (Misty Copeland, Iddris Sandu, Esperanza Spalding)
Asian American: 2 (Ashima Shiraishi, Issa Briones)

Age Groups

20s: 2 (Ashima Shiraishi, Issa Briones)
30s: 3 (Misty Copeland, Iddris Sandu, Esperanza Spalding)
40s: 2 (Tamara Keefe, Phil Hansen)
50s: 1 (Dav Pilkey)

Social Following

Tamara Keefe @clementinescreamery 36.6K Followers
Ashima Shiraishi @ashimashiraishi 308K Followers
Esperanza Spalding @esperanzaspalding 329K Followers
Phil Hansen @philinthecircle 17.4K Followers
Isa Briones @isacamillebriones 59.1K Followers
Iddres Sandu @Iddris Sandu 239K Followers
Dav Pilkey @dav_pilkey 13.1K Followers
Misty Copeland @mistyonpointe 1.8M Followers

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